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Robert Dickerson - The Complete Graphics


By: Louisa Powell 2002

"The Complete Graphics" explores another genre in the creative oeuvre of Robert Dickerson, his printmaking.

Dickerson - now in his 78th year, began work as a professional artist in his twenties, but it was not until much later in life that he came to realise the importance of making prints in the context of his own work. While Dickerson always found pleasure in painting and drawing, printmaking did not come as naturally, the artist employing the services of many and varied printers across Australia to assist in the production of of more than 150 prints. The author documents Dickerson's journey into printmaking: his introduction to a diverse range of print techniques, his friendships with professional printers and the artist's changing attitude toward graphic work.

The background text to this volume gives an insight to the characters and opinions of Dickerson and his contemporaries, demonstrating throughout how generous artists can be, not only towards each other, but also to various artistic causes. Each print and the various states have been illustrated and catalogued extensively, making his book a useful reference for art scholars and researchers.

Limited Edition copies signed by the artist and author with etching "The Master Printer" $550

Published by Queen Street Fine Art Publishing. 132 pages, colour, black and white illustrations. Hardcover. $88