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June 2009


Robert Dickerson exhibition at Fed Square
In conversation with Vexta
Dickerson Gallery artists - events & achievements
Upcoming exhibitions

Dickerson Vexta Billinge
Dickerson Vexta Billinge


Robert Dickerson exhibition at Fed Square

Dickerson Gallery is delighted to announce that it will stage an exhibition of new works by senior Australian artist, Robert Dickerson, in one of Melbourne's most important centres for the arts, Federation Square. The exhibition, from 25 August - 6 September, will showcase eight new paintings, including a brilliant legal work. Dickerson first visited the legal theme in the late 80s and early 90s. Since then, these paintings have seldom left the hands of their owners, and Dickerson rarely re-visits the theme. The paintings will be complimented by a small suite of pastels specifically drawn for this show. The exhibition will be held in a space operated by the Australian Commercial Galleries Association. It's located diagonally opposite the National Gallery of Victoria's Ian Potter Museum, within the atrium of this architecturally significant Melbourne landmark. The ACGA established the space as a means of showcasing Australian artists to a wide audience of local, national and international visitors.

In Conversation with Vexta

Having played an important role in the rise of Mebourne's street art scene as Vexta, Yvette Bacina is now taking her art to those perhaps more willing to accept her practice in galleries throughout Australia. In June, Dickerson Gallery (Melbourne) will host Yvette's solo exhibition of new works. But in the midst of preparing for the show, she took a break from painting to answer a few questions from Melbourne Gallery Manager, David Hagger and newsletter editor, Cassie Hamer.

Q:You paint under the name ‘Vexta' - is there any special significance to that name?
A:The name Vexta is just who I am. It's all my nicknames together. A good friend of mine use to call me "vex" when we were teenagers growing up together. Adding a "ta" or "ka" to the end of a name is a Czech tradition. I am half Czech so I'm used to my family doing that. It does give me a certain amount of anonymity in my personal life - which is nice because I'm quite a private person as well. It also allows me to create illegal street art.

Q: You are primarily known for your ‘street' or public art. How did you first get involved in this scene?
A: After an extensive trip traveling across the Australian outback and South East Asia, I arrived back in Melbourne right when street art was beginning to boom. I was acutely aware of landscapes and the interplay of elements in our physical environments from these travels so the art just jumped out at me. I loved the stencil aesthetics so I started creating my own pieces; wandering the back laneways of the city late at night painting. From there I met other street artists and we started doing shows together and going out painting together. I especially enjoyed doing the empty shows - where a group of artists take over an empty/disused building, install art and hold an illegal exhibition.

Dickerson Gallery artists - events & achievements

David Frazer - finalist in the CPM print award at Tweed River Art Gallery NSW, finalist in the 2009 R & M McGivern Prize, acquisitive prize winner in the Brunswick Street Gallery Works on Paper Award, finalist in the 2nd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibiton 2009 and the 2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial 2009 in Guanlan China.

Jason Cordero - highly commended in the Glover Art Prize.

Erika Gofton - finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and the 2009 R & M McGivern Prize for painting.

Ben Smith - finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and the Prometheus Visual Art Award.

Samantha Everton - finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and the Prometheus Visual Arts Award. Selected through the Moran Prize to be a part of their Artists in Schools program, conducting photography workshops with primary school aged children. Selected to exhibit in the core program at the Ballarat Foto biennale in September.

Damon Kowarsky - completed residencies at Can Serrat Barcelona and Townhouse Gallery Cairo. Prints exhibited in Burnie Print Prize and 2nd Bangkok International Print Triennale Silpakorn University, Thailand.

Sharon Billinge - completed a one month residency at Bundanon (Arthur Boyd Trust) and two month residency at Laughing Waters in Eltham.

Collingwood Arts Precinct Walk - Free event

Join us for the next Collingwood Arts Precinct Walk to be held on 6 June, starting 12pm at Dickerson Gallery, Collingwood. The walk takes in 8 local galleries, all located within an area of 500 metres in the heart of Collingwood. Engage with the diverse range of exhibitions and discover this growing arts precinct. Find out more through

Forgeries Focus Group

On Tuesday 24th February 2009, the ACGA and the University of Melbourne hosted the second public forum of interested industry members to deal with the issue of forgeries & fakes under the chair of Melbourne gallery Director, Stephen Nall. This group considered the various components of fact sheets on the subjects of:

Anyone wishing to learn more about this is invited to contact Stephen at the Melbourne Gallery.

Works by Michael Peck Now Available

A selection of paintings by artist Michael Peck are now available at Dickerson Gallery (Sydney). Peck is a painter concerned with the displacement one experiences in the ever-increasing hustle and bustle of modern life. His paintings are quiet, ominous and very nearly secretive; for they are works that tell of stories ingrained in our psyche - of guilt, grief, defiance and hope. They tap deep into the dark pool of our emotions and challenge our ideas of a wholesome belonging in a changing community. They are indeed aparadox of the quiet disquiet.

Upcoming exhibitions


Jason Cordero: 24 June - 12 July Flight
‘The images here were places of rest on my own course of late, disparate points where I have put my head above the clouds to see for a moment something other before returning to the troubled path and facing the road ahead.' Jason Cordero

Nicholas Hutcheson: 19 Aug - 6 Sept Quarry
‘In the work, I think I'm exploring the line between painting with drawing, and drawing with paint: I'm enamoured of the way that drawing onto a surface makes an impression that remains even after layers are added and others worn back. I sometimes think of the work as an old fashioned school blackboard, in the sense that it is worked on, and seemingly wiped clean at the end of the day. But over time, the once pristine black turns to muted grey, revealing traces of the months of ideas, writing, information.' Nicholas Hutcheson


Michael Mertyn: 27 May - 14 June Manufactured landscapes
Michael Mertyn salvages objects from street refuse and building sites. The essence of his talent lies not just in the sourcing of materials but the placement of these within the field.

Mark Dober: 27 May - 14 June Recent works
Dober's work is anchored in the experiential - a response to the physicality of being in the landscape. Hence the sweeping strokes and vibrant patches of colour and tone. The viewer is enticed to engage with the subject - as if there too, alongside the painter.

Vexta: 24 June - 12 July Fierce creatures
Having been at the forefront of Mebourne's street art scene as Vexta, Yvette Bacina is an artist very much in the ‘now'. Her works speak of the current trends in popular culture and delve into the artist's reaction to living amongst the rush of a busy city. Youthful figures appear to drop from the night sky - their monochromatic bodies adorned with fluorescent feathered hands. They are at once enchanting and hard hitting.

Regan Tamanui (Ha Ha): 24 June - 12 July Recent works
With his roots in street art, Regan Tamanui's heavily layered stencil paintings are laden with iconography of mass media figures, sport stars and criminals. These works are an amalgamation of front and back page tabloids that speak of the ubiquitous cult of the celebrity. His ‘Ned Kelly' single layer stencil that blanketed the alleyways of Melbourne's CBD has led him to fame, and subsequent demand for his work has resulted in exhibitions throughout the country.

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