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July 2013

to the surface

24 July - August 15

For this series, consisting of 12 large-scale photographs, artist Meg Cowell installed a 1000 litre pool in her country-town backyard, in which she arranged her subject, using water as a medium of buoyancy and illusionistic display.

The objective for Cowell is to achieve a sense of the garments being inhabited, not only by their absent wearer, but also by a complex of moods, emotions, and constructs of the feminine.

“The dancing, light caressed, confection of a gown in Sweet House is the stuff of fantasy or fairy-tale, yet the smoky wisps and tendrilsof its fragile underskirt – extraordinary in their painterliness - suggest an incipient process of osmosis, reminding us of water’s symbolic associations with transformation”.
—Victoria Hammond

The effect of these images en masse is evocative, sensual and uncertain; dismembered sirens float unanchored, dark water creatures waft to the surface.

To view exhibition, click here

Image below: Sweet house, giclee print, edition of 5, 133cm x 92cm