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By: Jennifer Dickerson 2001

Chiaroscuro (Italian for the treatment of light and shadow in painting and drawing) is a brilliant book about individuals, not just people, but the events, feelings and thoughts that beset them, the light and shadow of their lives.

Jennifer Dickerson has drawn from her memory of a "sheltered" life in a Melbourne middle class family to create reminders of roast dinners, fond parents, and family life. Then taking us further into her life she has walked the reader through the old age and death of parents and other relatives. Other works reflect the street life of city people encountered in her adult years, or the calm pastoral nature of life along the river. Married to an artist, she says, has "given her an edge" and she notices people more keenly than before.

Robert Dickerson has been painting people since 1942. His charcoal drawings accompany each poem, in some instances describing the work, at other times provoking new thoughts about the poems.

Revised and reprinted in 2006 by Queen Street Fine Art Publishing. 79 pages, black and white illustrations. Hardcover. $50