John Witzig

These are (mostly) pictures you've never seen

Solo Exhibition
26 Nov 2011 - 18 Dec 2011

'The origins of this show, and the catalogue that shares its name, was a story idea I put together for the US publication 'The Surfer’s Journal'… but bit by bit, it expanded and grew and took on a life of its own.

The pictures are from a significant period in Australian surfing (and of significant surfers). Many of them have never been seen before. Some were run in 'Surf International' in the late 1960s, and 'Tracks' in the very early ’70s. A very few I’d printed, but then left forgotten in my prints’ file. Others I’d simply never noticed on my not-very-good proof sheets. There were also nearly 100 rolls of negs that I’d never proofed at all. There weren’t many treasures there, but there were some.

These are probably more personal photographs than I’ve exhibited before. Ted Spencer said that “only a friend” could have taken the shot of George Greenough in his room in 1977. The characters in this collection of pictures were the friends I surfed and traveled with, and most remain my friends today.'

John Witzig


Solo Exhibition Jun 2016

Group Exhibition Oct 2014

Max Dupain & John Witzig
Group Exhibition Apr 2010

The last picture show
Solo Exhibition May 2008

Wayne Lynch - 1966-68

Baddy and Owl, Manly 1974

A barbecue at the Wilderness factory - 1969

George Greenough in his room - c.1977

Ted Spencer at Bells - 1971

The opening of Neverland, Byron Bay - c.1973

The point before dawn - c.1970

Christmas Day, Hay - 1970

Early morning, Lennox - 1969

Jim Banks at Cronulla Point - mid 1970s

John Adrian and Aram, North Avalon - 1960s

Bob McTavish at Lennox Head - 1969

Michael Peterson at Narrabeen - 1970s

Nat warming his bum - Johanna 1970

Nat at Honolua 2 - 1967

Russell Hughes at North Avalon - 1960s

Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii - 1976

Wayne at the pool - 1969

Nigel in WA - c.1970

Bob McTavish - mid 1960s

Nat Young - mid 1960s

Baddy - early 1970s

Ted Spencer - late 1960s