John Witzig

The last picture show

Solo Exhibition
7 May 2008 - 1 Jun 2008

In the mid 1960s, John Witzig became the voice of Australian surf culture, using an article in the magazine, Surfing World, to herald "a new era for Australian surfing". Witzig contended that a core group of Australian surfers had redefined the sport of surfing by focusing on riding the wave, rather than riding the board. The surf writer and photographer continued to break new ground as editor of Surf International and founder of Tracks magazine. Along the way, Witzig used his camera to capture the essence of the surfing culture. The Last Picture Show showcases for the final time at Dickerson Gallery John Witzig's talent through vintage imagery of the 1960s and 70s and is reinforced by his recent publication - John Witzig: Surfing Photographs of the 1960s and 70s.


Solo Exhibition Jun 2016

Group Exhibition Oct 2014

These are (mostly) pictures you've never seen
Solo Exhibition Nov 2011

Max Dupain & John Witzig
Group Exhibition Apr 2010

Bob McTavish and the '48 Holden - 1966

Mark Richards at Haleiwa, Hawaii - 1976

Mark Campbell at Spooky - 1973

Sunset Beach - Hawaii, 1976

Guethary France, 1976

Nat at Winkipop - 1969

Rodney at Matakana Island, NZ - 1975

Rodney at Spooky - 1975

A house at Torquay - c.1970

Fresh Mullet - Angourie, c.1972

Headless McTavish - 1966