John Witzig

Solo Exhibition
14 Jun 2016 - 10 Jul 2016

When your gallery asks if you’re interested in a spot three weeks from
whatever the date was, the answer is ‘YES’… always.
There’s no time to get prints done and framed, so what you can include
depends on what you have on hand. It means that you take down the two
prints that you have in the guest room; you dig out a couple hiding
behind other stuff in the office… and then this is where the shed really
comes in.
I have the luxury of having a very big shed. A minor problem is that it’s
half filled with junk. The other half is a ‘room’ that I had built to
store things that need to be away from pests and moisture. It’s been so
successful that it even keeps the spiders out.
The room in the shed is where I store the idiosyncratic collection of
prints that’ve come back from exhibitions over the past several years.
There’s no particular rationale to what’s ended up there… some of the
most popular pictures of mine are amongst them. I forget what’s there and
double up on occasion. That’s quite handy at moments like this. I found
two framed prints of the ’48 Holden when I didn’t think that there were
For much of the past two years I’ve been concerned with the Arcadia
exhibition that began life at the National Portrait Gallery in August
2014, and then travelled to regional galleries in Geelong and the Tweed.
There’s a considerable overlap between that exhibition and this
collection, but some of those prints were 2 metres wide or high, and
they’re in the shed now too. This group of prints is a return to a more
domestic scale…
John Witzig


Group Exhibition Oct 2014

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Solo Exhibition Nov 2011

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Solo Exhibition May 2008

Butch Cooney at Bells - 1969

Buzzy Kerbox at Haleiwa, Hawaii – 1976

Bob McTavish and the '48 Holden, Noosa - 1966

National Park Lineup - c.1965

A wave at Spooky – 1973

Buzzy Kerbox at Haleiwa 2 – 1975

Chris Brock at Angourie – 1969

Robert Conneeley at Angourie – 1969

Wayne Lynch at Bells Beach – 1969

Main Beach, Noosa – c. 1965

Rodney Dahlberg at Spooky 2 – 1975

Ted Spencer at Ti Tree – mid-1960s

Jim Banks at Cronulla Point – 1978

A wave at Matakana Island, NZ – 1975

Nat at Honolua 2 - 1967

Grant Dwyer at Spooky – 1973

Nat Young on the V-bottom – 1967

Bob McTavish, Noosa nose ride – 1966

Wayne Lynch at Margaret River – 1969

Russell Hughes at Point Cartwright – 1966

George Greenough at Point Cartwright – 1966

Bob McTavish at Main Beach 2 – 1966

Bob McTavish at windy National Park – 1966

George Greenough at Angourie – 1969

Chris Brock at the Wilderness factory – 1969

Bob McTavish and Russell Hughes, Noosa – 1966

Mark at Dos Coxos – 1976

Bells steps

Nat Young, bottom turn, Honolua Bay – 1967

Arcadia - 1969

Bells Beach - 1977

Bob McTavish at National Park - 1966

Country soul - 1969

Freckles at Spooky - 1973

The locals at Angourie - 1970s

Margaret River lineup - c.1971

Nat and the girls with Judy Trim’s Buick – 1972

Midget at Palm Beach - mid 1960s

Fresh Mullet - Angourie, c.1972

Mark Richards at Haleiwa, Hawaii - 1976

Guethary France, 1976

Sunset Beach - Hawaii, 1976

Headless McTavish - 1966

Nigel in WA - c.1970

Bob McTavish - mid 1960s

Nat Young - mid 1960s

Baddy - early 1970s

Ted Spencer - late 1960s