Darren Gannon

Land's End

Solo Exhibition
5 Mar 2016 - 26 Mar 2016

“During the winter of 2013 I spent some time on a mates property at Reids Flat, about 4.5 hours drive south west of Sydney. These pictures are a loose chronicle of that journey. From the outset the subject matter was in front of me, the Illawarra coast line to the Central Tablelands of NSW. Initially I recorded the trip by way of photographs and some small sketches made on-site. These images were then used as reference points for the paintings. Whilst the pictures have some realist elements to them, they are not literal renderings of a specific place.They are derivatives of the landscape, atmosphere, light and weather play a significant role in each image. The paintings are made up of fine layers or glazes of paint, for me this provides the veiling effect that moisture laden air would have on the actual landscape, and creates light and depth of colour. I am also drawn to the reclusive nature of the people who inhabit these areas. Distant, isolated lights on the large part singular suggest a presence in the space. I don't want to make the images recognisable as a specific place, I like the viewer to be able to engage with the image via a personal connection and memories to their own place"
Darren Gannon


Time and Tide
Solo Exhibition Mar 2017

Final Moments


Track to the Next Fence Line

Late Autumn Shooters Hill

The End of Town

Frozen Ground

The Winter Sea

South of Crookwell

Sun Shower, Reid's Flat


Illawarra View I

Illawarra View II

Illawarra View III

Illawarra View IV

Illawarra View V

Illawarra View VI

Illawarra View VII

Illawarra View VIII

Illawarra View IX


Steel Works

Out by the Dam