Darren Gannon

Time and Tide

Solo Exhibition
18 Mar 2017 - 11 Apr 2017

Time and Tide - no one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time. The notion of "tide" being beyond mankind's control is expressed in this latest series of works by Darren Gannon. In them we see an exploration of nature and its recognisable power. Tied together with some familiar places and subjects. The paintings are consistant with previous exhibitions and the works themselves are derivatives of the landscape. It is the atmosphere, light and weather that play a significant role in the strength of each image. The paintings are made up of fine layers or glazes of paint, for Gannon this provides the veiling effect that moisture laden air would have on the actual landscape, and creates light and depth of colour. Gannon is also drawn to the distant, isolated lights which can infer a presence in the space. Gannon does not make the images recognisable as a specific place, rather allowing the viewer to be able to engage with the image via a personal connection and memories to their own place and with that a reminder that Time and Tide is a constant in all our lives.


Land's End
Solo Exhibition Mar 2016

Dappled surface

Winter face

Hard edge 1

Hard edge 2

Hard edge 3

Hard edge 4

The balconies


The end

On the coastal walk

Ins and outs

Coast - Stanwell

Headland - Deep Blue


Ocean - Dark

Ocean - Dark Grey

Ocean - Deep Blue

River - August

Small headland


Summer light

Winter Headland

Blue dappled face

Afternoon - violet